Couple weeks ago, there was memcrashed exist in the wild and it’s hurt my router so hard. It was attack my router up to 1GBps, fortunately my router doesn’t hung. LoL.


How to mitigate this issue from client side?

There’s several options to resolve this issue, you can drop it using firewall or send your ddos’ed IP Address to blackhole. To save your router(s) resource, it’s simply send your ddos’ed IP to upstream blackhole.

Then what happen if you’re a service provider and using MikroTik RouterOS? You need to pass your internal bgp communities to upstream bgp communities.

How to passing internal blackhole communities to upstream blackhole communities?

For example, my client has ddos’ed IP, my blackhole community is [AS:6969], my upstream blackhole community is [UPSTREAM:999] and client ASN is AS65666.


(AS65666) => (AS65555) => (AS65444)

AS65666 = Client ASN AS65555 = Service Provider AS65444 = Upstream Provider

From client point of view (AS65666), they need to blackhole and mark IP disappear from internet, so they need send blackhole community to (AS65555) and pass it to (AS65444)

From AS65666 point of view:

/rou filter
chain=transit-out-AS65555 prefix= prefix-length=32 invert-match=no action=accept set-bgp-prepend-path="" \
     set-bgp-communities=65555:6969 append-bgp-communities=""
/rou bgp network
add network= synchronize=no

AS65666 Advertisement

[client@as65666] > /routing bgp advertisements print peer-as65555
PEER         PREFIX               NEXTHOP          AS-PATH    ORIGIN     LOCAL-PREF
peer-as65555                 igp
peer-as65555                 igp

From AS65555 point of view:

/rou filter
add action=accept bgp-communities=65555:6969 chain=transit-out-65444 comment=RTBH set-bgp-communities=65444:9999
add action=accept bgp-communities=65555:6969 chain=transit-in-65666 prefix-length=29-32

Prefix length in AS65555 is how long prefix we accept for blackhole community.

AS65555 Advertisement

[dewangga@as65555] > /routing bgp advertisements print peer-as65444
PEER         PREFIX               NEXTHOP          AS-PATH    ORIGIN     LOCAL-PREF
peer-as65444      AS65666    igp
peer-as65444      AS65666    igp

We can see advertised prefix above, we found should be blackholed and sent to AS65444 as upstream provider. It’s just a simple case, and you can improve using sflow or any opensource tools.

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