KADABRA - IDNIC Smart Routing Analyzer

It’s been 2 years ago I’ve updated my blog :( But thanks for anyone who’s still reading this dead blog (lol). This post will tell about my latest project in last 2-3 year that involved many people and I hope useful to other people too.

Set transparent RTBH to upstream using MikroTik RouterOS

Couple weeks ago, there was memcrashed exist in the wild and it’s hurt my router so hard. It was attack my router up to 1GBps, fortunately my router doesn’t hung. LoL.

Creating unlimited storage using Google Cloud Storage

Couple months ago, I have simple task but hardly to deploy. Creating huge/big storage for rawset/dataset but using very effience budget. Sounds impossible? Yes, it is. Because, to deploy redundant storage server it requires “huge” on everything (money, infrastructure, etc). The requirements is so simple, user stored assets, save it and access it.

Creating bridge interface using nmcli

Recenly I got confused setting up VLAN and deliver it to my virtualization server(s). I pretty sure my VLAN configuration was working fine and double check the logic is working. I have 10 (Ten) KVM Host, 9 nine of them was properly connected to networks (bridged interface(s)) and the other is having problem because of the bridge interface won’t up.

Fixing VLC flickering on AMD Graphic Cards

Couple days ago, I’ve been update my Fedora Core 25 to latest Fedora Core 26. Got some adjustment and improvement there, also got new (bugs?) errors regarding my dedicated graphic cards. From lspci reports, I am using Radeon HD 8670A/8670M/8690M / R5 M330 / M430 graphic cards on Lenovo G40-80 notebook.

How to deploy and migrating to IPv6

Since I (accidentally) work as Network Administrator, I always curios with IPv6 and how to deliver it to customer (especially my own device). But please keep in mind, you need up-to-date firmware and network device (router, switch, wireless radio(s)) and another equipment to do this.

Taking network monitoring to the next level

As system engineer and part-time network engineer, I am responsible to make sure all system are running and the network properly connected (24/7/365).Now, I will write about a project came from RIPE NCC, called RIPE Atlas. RIPE Atlas is a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time.

Building AKAMAI-like CDN using Amazon AWS with minimal budget

Based on Gartner Magic Quadrant (Aug) 2016, AWS still leader on cloud IaaS provider. And I’ve been using Amazon AWS since 2013 (S3 Bucket, Cloudfront, and Route53). The reason why I use that service only on Amazon AWS are, to optimize existing on premise infrastructure. The big challenge is to manage big assets (images) without downtime and data loss and of course using optimized resource.

Subnetting IPv6 Cheatsheet

Since IPv6 hype was launch several years ago, many people (incl. me) were struggling how to split IPv6 subnet correctly. Honestly, I wasn’t network engineer, but learning network fundamental is not a big deal (especially IPv6, nowadays, it’s a new protocol!). Since it was launch at 1990 (former IPNG), based on APNIC Labs Survey, the adoption of native IPv6 still low.

Creating optimized qcow2 files

Standard and default images create using virt-manager on linux, automatically full allocating specified disk size to host. To avoid un-usable disk space, you should avoid choosing default images created by virt-manager.